Savoring Christmas

Christmas Day has come and gone. Presents are unwrapped. The little baby Jesus has taken his place in the nativity. The Christ candle now lights the center of the advent wreath.

But yet, it is only the 3rd Day of Christmas.


This is the first year that I’ve made an intentional effort to savor each of the 12 Days of Christmas.

I’m not quite sure how to formulate this tradition in my home, but I think it starts with food and hospitality. So the tea kettle is whistling, and there is bread pudding in the oven, and our home has been flooded with a steady stream of visitors.


Living in Hawaii, I have lost touch with what made Christmas Christmas growing up. There are no children rushing down the stairs, squealing over what Santa Claus has brought. No family Hallelujah Chorus rendition. No putting together little legos and doll houses. Bread pudding brings fills my home with the smell of Christmas at home in Michigan.

So today, we sit by the light of our Advent candles and savor the goodness of butter and sugar poured over bread. And we savor the goodness of God coming and dwelling in our midst. Emmanuel. He is in our midst. May we dwell in that knowledge for the full days of Christmas.

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