Are You Rebuilding What Jesus Destroyed?

23 thoughts on “Are You Rebuilding What Jesus Destroyed?”

  1. Wow, this is so convicting. This challenge is has me reflecting on myself to figure out what it is that makes me play that “avert my eyes” game. I think we can get stuck doing this, because it’s something that can come so naturally. We build up walls to protect ourselves, but it’s so right that Jesus came to tear down those walls. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. We do it so often without recognizing that Christ died so that we could let go of these false securities, root ourselves in Him, and love one another.

  2. I love such posts – there aren’t many of this kind. You’ve just reminded me, “We have been unified as believers in a common Savior”. We seem to forget that sometimes! Great job.

    1. We have been unified, indeed! I pray that we all have the strength and wisdom to live out that unity in our churches.

  3. This is a great post! I think it’s easy to forget how our actions can build walls – we can’t all be as perfect as Jesus but we can try to tear walls down and not add to them as much as possible!

    1. Mica, I think you’re spot on! It’s so easy for us to try and build up pharisaical rules to make ourselves feel better than others and more deserving of salvation. Jesus tore all of that down and put us on a level playing field.

  4. This is so powerful and so true! Recently, my great-uncle and his girlfriend, who is living with him, went to a church in their home town and were told that they couldn’t come back until they were married or not living together! I was shocked and so saddened, Jesus said others would know Him by how we love each other.

    1. LeNae, That is so sad to see that they felt excluded. Paul makes it clear that we are to *gently* restore those in sin.

      1. LeNae, that is sad. I think Bailey said it perfectly. How can we expect sinners to see God and turn from sin if we do not first welcome them in, to experience the joy and life of true community in Jesus?

  5. Loved this! I was just reading in 1 Corinthians about how there is not supposed to be division within the body of Christ. I think your post explains just that!

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