Give Me Jesus in the Morning

God has given me so many beautiful examples of what it means to call in Him in my days. Proverbs 31 is full of reminders of how Godly women should occupy their time. There are countless Pinterest articles I could look to on how to set myself up for a successful morning. I could look to the New Testament or Psalms for guidance. But I don’t. Too often, my mornings are taken captive as soon as my eyes open.

Dogs scratch at the door, begging for their leash and a quick walk. My mouth yearns for that first sip of coffee. My phone lights up with fresh information and demands. (Seriously, it’s amazing how many emails I get at 2am!) Before I even have a minute to think clearly, my days are taken captive.

That’s why, as the old song says, in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.

The first part of my day is rarely devoted to Him. And when I miss greeting Him in the morning, the rest of my day tends to feel like a recovery mission instead of any sort of productive Kingdom work.

When I rise, I need to see my King.

Before the day takes me captive, I need to be captivated by His beauty and goodness. Before long, my phone will be flooding my eyes with images of reality TV star’s new lips and perfectly decorated homes. When that comes my way, I need to see the Man hanging from the cross and rising from the grave. I need to see true beauty and love. The sacrifice that’s been poured out on my behalf needs to be put before my eyes before anything else if I’m to truly love those around me.

I need Him to meet me.  I need to feel His nail-pierced hands cupping my face, reminding me that I am His. Before the day starts making demands, I need to be reminded that, no matter what the day has to throw my way, Jesus is there. He has given His life for me and He won’t abandon me in the busy, mundane Thursdays. Whatever the day has to throw my way, He will work it on my behalf for His glory and my sanctification.

So Jesus, I know I’m not good at seeking You out. I seek notifications to know that I’m not forgotten. I seek “likes” on pictures to feel beautiful. I seek comments to know my words have meaning.

Help me to seek Your face. Remind me today that my identity is in you alone. The likes, the comments, the opinions, they don’t matter. The only thing that matters is my faith working itself out through love.

As my day begins, show me the finish line. Captivate me with Your love. Let me look into Your eyes and remember that You alone are the author and perfecter of my faith. My works, they are a gift I lay at your feet, not the final product. Please keep me from the idol of busyness and let me sit at Your feet in adoration.

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Friend, I would love to offer you a clever trick to focus your mornings around God. While keeping your phone in another room and your Bible next to your bed might help for a little while, nothing will replace a heart that is captivated by God’s grace.

So pray. Because your prayers, they are powerful.

Ask God to take your stubborn, forgetful heart and replace it with a heart that seeks Him above all else. Look to the cross and let yourself be captivated by the love poured out for you on Calvary. Train your body and mind to focus around the person of Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit fill you and guide your days.

My day is not my own, it is the Lord’s. When I open my eyes, I can either surrender to His plan for my day or give in to the tug of the world. But I know one thing, if I am going to combat the pain and heartache in the world around me, if I am going to live a life filled with purpose, if I want to find true peace, then in the morning, when I rise, I need Jesus.

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  1. I love that hymn! Actually, one of my favorite ways to start mornings is when my husband plays some quiet Fernando Ortega hymns while we get ready for work. What a good reminder that our days are not our own, that we belong to Him alone!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! The truth you’ve expressed so beautifully here is why I’ve gotten into the habit of starting to pray the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning. I tell God Who and what He is, then pray that Jesus will cover each member of my little family and rebuke the enemy away from them. Then I go downstairs and read a short devotional while I brush my teeth. The morning goes from there, but if I don’t start this way, everything else feels off! Thank you for sharing your words and heart here!

    • Thank you, Cheyenne. It is such a struggle but my day is always better when I remind myself how desperately I need Jesus to sustain me.

  3. WOW your signup is really pretty! I know exactly what you mean. I feel like our lives are a bit too easy, convenient and it does lead us to not seek Him nearly as much. Bombarded with motion. We have to make a huge effort to SEE Him above everything else. I’m working on being thankful 7x’s a day just to keep my mind on Him. As a sidenote, your font size is very small. I wear glasses and it’s still hard to see (maybe ask some people to check it out to consider changing it).

    • I think we all need the reminder from time to time. I hope that you’re able to root yourself in Jesus through that habit.

  4. We always begin and end our day with a prayer. Sets the tone hopefully for the rest of the day. Plus we read some scriptures before everyone heads off in different directions. Perfect way to start a day, especially if it turns out to not be so great.

    • That is such a perfect way to arrange your life. It’s so important to remember that God has the first and final word.

  5. “Before the day takes me captive, I need to be captivated by His beauty and goodness.” YES! So true. My biggest issue is my phone. I will try the phone away, Bible near idea you mentioned! We need to review the love of the Gospel every morning to set our day on a worshipful and purposeful trajectory. Thank you!

    • I struggle with the phone too! It’s so hard to resist it early in the morning. I also love that the She Reads Truth app has a reminder option to use the phone to prompt you to read scripture.

  6. Thank you for this reminder! Thank you for being honest and vulnerable about how we can forget to make Jesus first! I love when you referenced Proverbs 31. I created a little sign i see every morning with all the characteristics of a Godly woman! Thank you for reminding me that the sign is just a sign without first surrendering my day to Jesus!

  7. I really needed this right now, I have been so overwhelmed by my current life circumstances that my morning devotional time has fallen by the wayside, I know if I would have turned to Jesus first every morning then these past few weeks would have been a lot less stressful. It’s time to get back to starting the day off with Jesus.

  8. Yes! This is so true. I’ve recently realized this… for the past 6 weeks or so I’ve started my day with Him. This simple act of obedience has changed my perspective and it is such a blessing.

  9. “I need to see my King”…I love that! It’s so true, in the morning all I really need is a cup of coffee and Jesus! Beyond that, I don’t have the energy to do much more, but thankfully I don’t need to. I do believe that setting aside time for the Lord the morning makes for a totally better day.

    • I am always too tired at night as well. Plus, I find that morning study helps me recall what I read so that I can reflect on it throughout the day.

  10. Such a great post, Bailey! I find that if I don’t spend time with God in the mornings, it probably won’t really happen the rest of the day- just realistically/honestly. I have been taking steps to make first thing in the morning with God a priority lately, and it is helping.

  11. So very true!!!! My day is so much better when I place first focus on Him. Too many days a week I fail to do so, and am reminded that when I allow Him to order my day, I get more done, feel more satisfied in every way, and have a peace that is beyond my own understanding. Great post!

  12. Thank you fir this amazing article! I habe been working on incorporating this into my mornings for a while – I just dont feel everything resonates. This sounds fantastic