The Grace of an Open Door

Why is opening my door so hard? The moment I hear a knock, I start to panic that things aren’t right. I rack my brain, frantically trying to remember if I put an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. I wonder if the banana bread I planned on offering turned out right. I doubt that I am enough and wonder if my home will make up for my insufficiencies.

Grace has a funny way of appearing in these moments when I’m relying on my own self-sufficiency. It sneaks into the cracks of my heart and reminds me of the work of Christ and the call on my life. The words of a dear friend run through my head reminding me that, when I leave this life, God isn’t going to ask about the piles of laundry or confirm that I always had an extra roll of toilet paper ready, He’s going to ask if I fed the hungry and clothed the naked.

So I take a deep breath, turn the handle, and wait for grace.

When I open that door and welcome in the weary mom with her energetic toddler, I’m welcoming Christ. Serving them in Christ’s honor is a way of serving Christ Himself. Letting down my guard, showing them that my laundry isn’t always done, that dishes often fill my sink, and that I simply fall short, it shows them I am a real person, not a magazine article.

Because I am a human, I fall short. The Bible makes that clear. Because of who Christ is, I am enough. He fills the gaps of my insufficiencies and makes a beautiful friendship out of conversation over a cup of tea.

I don’t have to have a perfect house. Jesus can work even if I forget to hang a clean hand towel in the bathroom. The only thing I have to do is offer what I have for His use.

Today, that means opening my home and sharing what I have to whomever He sends my way. It means letting a friend come share her heart even if we have to move laundry off the couch and stretching dinner a bit further than planned when someone shows up unexpectedly. It simply means offering whatever my hands are occupied with for Him to use.

So when that door opens and the friend comes in, I remind myself to take a breath. I chase after my thoughts and force them to submit to the truth of Scripture. Remembering that I’m not enough, it frees me to remember that I know the one who is enough and that He is working in my home and through my obedience.




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  1. It’s always so reassuring to me when I read posts like this. I find my insecurities can be debilitating sometimes but you are so right. I need to remind myself that I am a real person and not a staging photographer of Good Housekeeping. Thank you for this.

    • You are a real person. And your friends need to know that so that they know it’s okay to be a real person too. Keep on trusting in His goodness, Carley.

  2. Beautifully written! A great reminder that people do not need us to be perfect, just authentic and welcoming. Sharing with my Facebook group!

    • Aren’t we all kinda in total disarray? I love that we can share our brokenness with one another and find Christ’s healing in those places.

  3. Just what I needed to hear today. I find myself locked away from letting others in because the house is “dirty” or the dishes haven’t been done. Asking for Grace is a daily chore for me.

    • It’s a lost art today but we need it! As I’ve written before, it’s not a “calling,” it’s a command from God.

  4. Love this! If I knew how to do the “Amen” emoji hands on this comment, I certainly would. Since I don’t, I’ll just say it, “Amen, sister!”. I’m becoming increasingly aware that relationships are built in each others homes. . . and that means inviting people into my wholly imperfect home. Thank you so much for this post of encouragement and grace! I’m adding your blog to my “Blogs I Like” bookmark folder, and definitely plan to revisit in the future. Thanks!!

    • We need to talk to the emoji people about getting an “AMEN!” emoji! Thank you for your kind words. He is so faithful to the fill in what I lack and to turn my words into more than I could ever do.

  5. Yes! We have to let go of our doubts and our pride and serve God even if we don’t feel like we’re the perfect one for the job. Thank you for your wise words.

  6. “Because I am a human, I fall short. The Bible makes that clear. Because of who Christ is, I am enough. He fills the gaps of my insufficiencies and makes a beautiful friendship out of conversation over a cup of tea.” — This girlfriend, this!!! He fills the gaps of our insufficiencies…There’s a whole lot of joy, peace, and relief packed into that statement. I’m tweeting this.

    • You are not alone, Brittany. We’ve all been there and we all need to be reminded that it’s okay to spend time fellowshipping and playing with that toddler instead of doing dishes.

  7. I absolutely love this! Keeping up appearances and making my home spotless for my sweet momma friends isn’t real and it isn’t raw! I hear all the time, “Let’s do life together”, then we make sure to show the “life” that’s all together! So silly, life is not all together. It’s messy literally and figuratively! Thank you for sharing, and I’m going to improve on this! “Hey can we get together and chat in 5 minutes?” “Sure come on over!” (Not, “give me 2 hours to make my home look like no one lives here!”)

  8. Thanks for the reminder of Godly hospitality. As the holiday season approaches we will all have the opportunity to throw the door wide. This was a great nudge to do that every day!

  9. I absolutely love this…”remembering that I’m not enough but I know the one that is enough” I think I have this attitude not just about my house at times but about my appearance. “I can’t possibly go talk to that neighbor – I don’t have any makeup on.” But in reality whether it’s lipgloss or something else I will never be enough. Thank you for the reminder that He fills in and overflows all my many imperfections with His grace.

  10. Bailey – AMEN, sister!!! I’m giving you a spiritual fist-bump – this is the cry of my heart. And it was a good reminder I needed today, when yet again my house is wild-messy after a few days of recipe developing and photography… in this case, my own people need me to welcome them gracefully, too. Thank you!