Being Brave

Bravery has been thrust before me a lot lately. I am not especially brave. At least, I’ve never thought of myself as being so. If the question was put before me I would probably have defined myself as less brave than the average person.

My life has demanded bravery of me, but is it really brave if it’s forced upon you? Logically, I’ve done many brave things. I’ve moved across an ocean and refused to moved back home when my husband deploys. I know I’ve seen wives crack under the pressure of the military, but aren’t we all cracking a little, even if we aren’t breaking? Are these “choices” really indicative of a deeper strength if they don’t demand anything of you?

I guess I am inclined to think that the answer is “no,” but in a small way, perhaps I am not giving myself enough credit.

No matter how brave I am or am not, life is hard. It’s been harder lately in ways I never imagined.


But maybe brave isn’t seeking out opportunities to be brave. Maybe brave is getting up each day knowing it’s going to hurt. Maybe brave is putting on a smile while dealing with chronic pain and depression. When dreams are dying and life feels like it’s unraveling, maybe brave is walking forward into an uncertain future. Perhaps It’s stopping for flowers to make something beautiful when life doesn’t feel that way. Maybe I’m not brave but my life has demanded a lot of courage lately.

There have been may days I have faltered. Life has been a bit too much to bear. I surely would have failed long ago if it weren’t for the sufficiency of grace, for that grace, it’s made me braver than I am. It’s reminded me time and time again that this, this very trial, it belongs to the Lord. He is carrying me and guiding me, just as He guided out spiritual forefathers through the wilderness into the land of His promise. And bravery, it comes from having a deep trust in that God.

So this week, I will choose bravery. I will choose stepping into unknown and trusting God. I will lay my dreams at His feet, hard though it may be, and trust that He will care for them in the best way.


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