10 Days to Peace: Join the Journey

Peace is such an elusive concept today.

We are pulled in every direction every hour of the day. Most of us are inundated with news and work emails before we even get out of bed, much less before we are in the Word. 100 years ago, quiet was the norm. Today, lack of noise causes us to reach for the tv remote or headphones as background noise. Instead of calm, we seek out chaos and stimulation. The constant pace of our minds leaves little time for the quiet reflection of the heart and for seeking out the Keeper of our souls. Who has time to stop and rest in Him?

I cry for peace but if you looked at my days, you would see my actions rarely reflect this desire. Instead, they reflect hunger, a need for work, and a passion for Netflix. I am like a dog chasing after an ever moving bone on a string. If I just have a better organizing system or more downtime, a more compliant husband or more helpful coworkers, money to hire a maid or that dream job, then there will be peace. But inevitably, even when my husband is an angel and the pieces all fall into place, that does not result in peace.

I’m sure you feel it too. Life weighs and aches and pulls as we try get ahead enough to breath. Is breathing the place where we find peace? If we can just get a break? I am becoming more convinced that peace is not a destination, it is a person. 

We can spend our life chasing after the world and be left fretful and anxious. In this ever anxious age, we need Peace. We need Him to wrap His arms around us and baptize us in His love. This love, this certainty, it is the only thing that offers true assurance.

We don’t have to get that promotion or have clean kitchens to earn His approval. The laundry doesn’t need to be put away and we don’t have to always have the right thing to say. That freedom is the most reassuring, life-giving knowledge I’ve heard.

Our life cannot stay the same if we want to root ourselves in the Prince of Peace. We need a total overhaul. We need a life focused around Peace instead of peace-focused around our life.

So would you join me? I’m taking the next ten days to focus my life, my habits, around Jesus, the Prince of Peace. I would love for you to join the ranks for bold, broken people who are ready to surrender the hustle for His embrace and stand beside me for the next ten days.

Every time I hit a roadblock, my prayer is that God will give me strength and that, even if it’s not in this life, I will look back and say, “See! I didn’t know it then, but He was using it and He did a beautiful thing.” No matter what is tugging your heart and keeping you from rest, I pray that today is the day you step away from anxiety and towards Him. Can we do this together? 

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  1. Love the photos. The idea of peace over the chaos of modern life is one I adhere to and teach my children. We set aside family time during the week for quiet activity, and take one day to rest. We pray, walk, talk, read, meditate- just be. No electronics, phones, cars, diversions…just a true day of rest to decompress.

  2. I really relate to this, nowadays we are all so busy with social media, learning what’s new or what’s trend – we need some time to stop and think and maybe read a book by the beach and relax.

  3. Hi Bailey! Thanks so much for sharing this. I can definitely relate to the constant feeling of chasing after “life” and more recently I’ve been wanting to really minimize the “things” in my life and fill it with experiences and love instead.

  4. I’ve been so preoccupied with the mechanics of blogging that I’m at my pc all day long. I need to push away but just too much to do. Or so, I tell myself. I need this challenge. It’s at a right time for me. See you soon!

    • Yes, it is so easy to lose sight of what’s important in the hustle and bustle of life. I hope that you can join in!

  5. This is beautiful! Who couldn’t use more peace in their life? I know I sure could!! We have to make a conscious effort to achieve peace, it doesn’t just happen!

  6. This is lovely Bailey – and real Peace is so a Person! I love that you are willing to see it as a journey too… that we won’t always “feel” it but that doesn’t mean it left us.

    I would love for you to share this with my community at my link up tomorrow I think they would love this! If you want that is… but I really hope you’ll stop by!

    • “We won’t always “feel” it but that doesn’t mean it left us.” – Wow! That brought tears to my eyes.

  7. This article really touched me. I am a yoga instructor and it is my way of life. I totally agree that peace comes from within. I love being in natural and beautiful scenery and just breathe. Beautiful pictures too.

  8. Beautiful post! It’s a great reminder of what’s really important in our hectic lives. I started feeling more relaxed as I read it. Also, your beautiful really helped 🙂
    Elizabeth | Confidentlyelegant.com

    • Thank you! I am glad it was calming for you. I hope it encouraged you to press into the Prince of Peace.

  9. I’ve been really thinking about doing something like this, but ironically never ‘have the time’. A week and a half? My sanity is worth breaking it down into at least a small chunk of time. Thanks!