It’s the Hygge-est Time of the Year: A Cozy Holiday Review and Giveaway 

To win a copy of Everyday Welcome: Cozy Holidays and a few other delightful hygge inspired treats, be sure to read through the entire post. 

A few weeks ago when I wrote about hygge hospitality, I was already thinking about how to make the holiday season cozier. Because when it comes to creating special, intimate, cozy moments, there is no time like the holidays to incorporate these things into your life. Spending time this holiday season to slow down and create cozy should be a priority in a season but sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin in the hustle and bustle.

Thankfully, Angela Sackett at Sal et Lux was way ahead of me, creating a book that helps bring hygge, holidays, food, and faith all together into a bundle of goodness.

Note, I did receive a copy of Everyday Welcome: Cozy Holidays in exchange for this review but all opinions are my own. 

Everyday Welcome: Cozy Holidays, charmed me with its delightful incorporation of faith into cooking and extending hospitality throughout the holiday season. Sackett’s mouthwatering recipes will certainly be rotating through my family’s routine of Christmas recipes for years to come. The mouth-watering photos and unique recipes, ranging from breakfast to festive drinks, are sure to inspire your palate this season.

Her touches of natural foliage and candlelight draw you into her home and inspire a delightful sense of hygge. Everywhere your eyes are drawn, there’s another moment of special being cultivated.

Between the decor tips, seasonal crafts, and recipes, there is enough to make your home look and smell like a winter wonderland. But this isn’t just a book about appearances, it is a book about the heart.

Constantly peppered throughout the pages are beautiful passages of Scripture that encourage us to open our hearts and homes to one another. And then there are practical ways to do just that. There are ways to help make your overnight guests feel more comfortable and idea after idea of parties to celebrate the season and cultivate deeper friendships.

This is such a wonderful time to pursue friendships deeply. The holiday season is a time to open wide your doors and your hearts and invite others in to participate in the joy of the season with you. As believers, we have the unique opportunity to celebrate and explain a holy day that many non-believers are also celebrating.

Everyday Welcome: Cozy Holidays helps make this a natural way of marking the season.  It is an invitation to cultivate an environment where others are welcomed. It is a way to created cherished memories with whatever you have to offer.

This is a time of year to bake. It is a time to curl into our homes and to make things special. So light a fire, put on a pair of wool socks, and invite others to join in your celebration. Make a big batch of hot cocoa, convince someone brave enough to put to use all of those piano lessons their parents played for, and sing a few carols.

Enjoy the season. Embrace the natural hygge. And read Everyday Welcome: Cozy Holidays.

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  1. Yolanda says

    I’m all about this HYGGE movement – now I just know it has an official name 🙂 NOthing better than being cozy with tea, a great book and soft blanket!

  2. katie braswell says

    “This is such a wonderful time to pursue friendships deeply. The holiday season is a time to open wide your doors and your hearts and invite others in to participate in the joy of the season with you.” -I love the idea of not only making our homes cozy for ourselves, but for those who enter our doorways! Also, what a great reminder to pursue friendships during this season! We get busy doing “all the things”, instead of treasuring our relationships. I will actively try to simplify, stay cozy, and treasure what is most important! <3

  3. Tawni says

    I love this time of year so much! Cozying up with a giant, soft blanket, some coffee or cocoa, and a good book are what dreams are made of. 🙂

  4. Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome says

    I love this! Being cozy is my cup of tea. You’re so right when you said, “The holiday season is a time to open wide your doors and your hearts and invite others in to participate in the joy of the season with you.” Thanks for this wonderful reminder 🙂

  5. Jaime Wiebel says

    This looks so warm and inviting. Where did you live in Hawaii? I lived in Waikiki for a year while I taught school. It was so beautiful. I really miss it and would love to get back some day.

  6. Christine Carter says

    What a beautiful giveaway and I LOVE the inspiring message here. As busy and frantic as the holidays can be (crazy swim meet schedule ahead!) I want THIS- I want warm cozy evenings and rich friendships and family traditions… Thank you for reminding me to be intentional with the weeks ahead. <3