25+ Resources For Your Best Advent Ever

Advent was a foreign principle to me until a few years ago. I jumped into the Christmas season as soon as the the clock struck midnight and signified that October was past and November had begun. It took many years for me to realize the significance of cultivating a longing for the birth of Christ.

Now, I realize the benefit of seeking to develop a season not of celebration, but of yearing for the coming of Christ. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t do my fair share of celebrating throughout the season but I try to savor the waiting and to spend the Twelve Days of Christmas celebrating the first arrival of Christ and anticipating the day He returns.

But this yearning doesn’t happen on its own.

Left to itself, the draws of endless stream of commercialism and celebration would take over my heart. I have to cultivate a desire to long for Christ by what I allow into my home and my mind.

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The first year, I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I ordered an Advent wreath for my table and fumbled through what I thought might be appropriate prayers as I lit the candles every night at dinner. It was a little awkward and very simple. But it was lovely.

It created a space for the season of longing to be beautiful. Dinner by candlelight not only added a wonderful ambiance to our evenings, but brought our minds to a quieter place to reflect and draw near to God.

It made me hungry for more and I began searching for ways to mark the Advent season as one of importance.

I have found a few things over the years that I have loved and each year, I fall more in love with some of the ways God has moved the hearts of others to signify the season.

That’s why I wrote His Name Shall Be Called. I wanted to create a resource to help you stop and center your heart around longing for Jesus and all that He is this Advent season.

Here are a few other books and resources to help create a beautiful Advent season in your home.

Some of the links below are affiliates meaning that I receive a small portion (at no extra cost to you) if you decide to purchase as a result. I promise to only post links to items that I truly believe in.


Behold the Lamb of God – Andrew Peterson

The Light Came Down – Josh Garrels 

Sacred Ordinary Days Advent Playlist 

Salvation is Created – Bifrost Arts

The Advent Project – Willow Creek Church

The Joy of an Irish Christmas – Keith and Kristyn Getty

Advent to Christmas – Page CXVI

Unto Us – JJ Heller

Books and Studies:

His Name Shall Be Called

For All – Sacred Holidays 

Dawning of Industructible Joy – John Piper

The Greatest Gift – Ann Voskamp

31 Days of Prayer Journal 

O Come Let Us Adore Him – Paul Tripp

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift – Ann Voskamp

Prepare Him Room: An Advent Prayer Guide

For Your Home:

Advent Wreath 

Give Me Jesus Towel

Jesse Tree (Ornaments and Family Devotionals)

“O Come, Let Us Adore Him” Mug

She Reads Truth Advent Art

DaySpring Christmas Mugs and Serving Trays

Christian Ornaments

For The Kids:

The Greatest Gift

The Crippled Lamb

The Sweetest Story Ever Told

Ordinary Baby, Extraordinary Gift

Behold the Lamb of God

The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats

Shepherd on a Search 

Nativity Blocks

General Advent Resources:

Ancient-Future Time – Robert Webber

Every Moment Holy – Douglas McKelvey

I hope these resources bless you this Advent season.

Be sure to sign-up to receive your FREE copy of Prepare Him Room: An Advent Prayer Guide.



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  1. Wow! So many great resources. I appreciate how you honestly said you stumbled through your first advent but felt it was so important. What a picture of us as Christians. How often we do stumble but keeping our focus on our Lord steadies us and keeps us going!

  2. Fantastic list! Thank you for sharing this! I usually get swallowed up in the festivities and about halfway through, I remember, ‘Oh yeah! It’s about Jesus!’ Thanks for providing resources that will keep me more focused!

  3. “I have to cultivate a desire to long for Christ by what I allow into my home and my mind.” – Amen. It’s overwhelming and, at times, sickening the commercial madness of this season. It makes my heart heavy. I hadn’t celebrated or even heard of Advent, until my husband and I found our first church together. This particular truly embraced the Advent season and it was so refreshing to learn something new in my faith. It’s been a few years since my first Advent season, and this year we don’t have a church home. So my heart longs for the anticipation and celebration of the Christ child. This is an extremely helpful list! <3 Thank you for helping me find ways to celebrate in my home!

  4. Thank you for sharing these. Other than little, fun calendars with my mom when I was a kid, I haven’t really celebrated advent in the home. It’s more something we do at church. But I can totally see the benefit of also doing it at home as a way to stay focused.