My Hygge + Faith Morning Routine

Mornings might be my favorite part of the day. I love the stillness of the world and I love watching it come alive as the sun rises and all of creation begins stirring. My mornings have become a blend of beauty and intentionality. But perhaps my favorite part of my mornings is that I can curl up in a robe, with my coffee and Bible in hand.

I love the ritual of mornings. Everything is in order and there has not yet been enough time for something to happen to the yet to put a spot on the clean slate (usually). Each and every time the sun rises, I am reminded that God has promised fresh mercy each and every morning.

It’s in the morning that I feel this promise cradle me.

As I’ve shared before, I am also a lover of the hygge movement. I love taking beautiful moments and enjoying the simple beauty of the moments. Deliberately cultivating a sense of loveliness and beauty is one of the ways I reflect God’s character to the world around me.

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So arranging a morning routine that combines both hygge and my Christian faith has been such a joy. Here are a few of my favorite elements:

My Journaling Bible

This Bible is one of my favorite arrangements of Scripture. In addition to the inspired word of God, there are columns for notes, prayers, and questions. I have carried this with me since high school and it is beautiful to come across something I wrote years ago and to see God’s faithfulness has continued. I struggle to journal and, even if I journaled regularly, would not go back through and see what God had done or how He had spoken to me in ages past.


My Coffee and Coffee Mugs

If you follow my Instagram, it couldn’t come as a surprise to you that I love mugs. A lot. Almost as much as I love coffee. Choosing something beautiful to begin my day with is just one of the ways I cultivate a loveliness in these wee morning hours.

I typically make my coffee either via a standard drip coffee maker or, when I’m ready for an extra dose of loveliness, through a french press coffee maker. Lately, I’ve also greatly enjoyed the Fair Trade dark roast coffee from Aldi. It’s coffee I feel good about drinking and it’s a great price!

I just found this amazing company, Three Avacados! Their coffee is fantastic quality and they use 100% of the profits to provide clean water in Uganda and education in Nicaragua! Check our their web site and make an ethical coffee choice.

Three Avocados Coffee - Providing clean water and education

I love this “He Restores My Soul” mug from The Daily Grace Co. Their mugs are always encouraging and are just the right weight.

Candles and Essential Oil Diffusers

Lighting a beautiful candle in the morning has also been a way of cultivating loveliness. There are many references in the Bible about offering up aromas pleasing to God and the beautiful smells from my candles and oils remind me of this.

I particularly love diffusing Balance oil from doTerra and this diffuser (a Christmas gift) has been a beautiful addition to my family room.

When it comes to candles, I love using candles with a wooden wick as I do not have a fireplace. Between that and my pinecone and twinkle light basket (pictured above), it creates a calming ambiance.


Bible Studies and Books

There are a few bible studies I’ve done through the years to guide my study time in Scripture. She Reads Truth has created several studies I’ve done (many can be accessed through their app). I also have the studies on the Psalms and on Galatians from The Daily Grace Co. that are lovely, and easy to work through.

If I don’t have a specific study I’m working through, I tend to follow the daily office or I pick a book of the bible and slowly work through it. Currently, my mornings are spent pouring over the John’s Gospel.

How I incorporate my Christian faith and higgle in my morning routine #womenintheword #christianwoman #godlywoman #devotional #christianliving #morningroutine #hygge #hyggeroutine

After this, I try to spend a few minutes reading through a chapter or so of a book. I am currently working through Ancient-Future Worship by Robert Webber but would highly recommend Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Unseen by Sara Haggerty, or Seasons of Waiting by Besty Childs Howard.


Have a Warm Breakfast

After spending time quietly before the Lord, I recommend eating something warm. In these cold winter months, having a warm breakfast feels like an indulgent, but wonderful, way to start the day. I particularly enjoy a warm bowl of steel cut oats with some cinnamon and honey.

Plan Your Day

Write down goals on an actual, tangible planner. I think there is something powerful about both writing down goals and being able to look back and reflect on them that is good for the soul. Setting intentions after spending time with the Lord helps you focus your priorities on what God has said, not what the world is saying.

Your morning might look different. You might prefer tea to coffee or a roaring fire to an essential oil diffuser. Wrapping up in a robe or leaning against fluffy pillows might be what makes your mornings lovely. Whatever it is that makes you enjoy the world that God has created and long for the world that He is recreating, surround yourself with those things.

What do you do to inspire hygge and faith in your life in the mornings?

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  1. Wendy Tomlinson says

    I love this post. I’ve just started learning about Hygge and love it, this is definitely a way of life I am moving toward. I’ve just done a Simplicity series of videos on my YouTube channel – I’m all for focusing on the important things in life, the things that really matter to us. My motto for the series has been in a busy and overwhelming world, let’s do simplicity. xxx

  2. Johanne says

    I read the book Hygge last October and I loved it. Most of the time I forget to incorporate it into my own life, but I appreciate the idea and I also wish that I lived a more Hygge lifestyle. Nadene is kinda right that it’s close to the Dutch gezelligheid (as a word). It’s just that we don’t appreciate the cold and dark days as much as the Swedish (or it’s just me ;-).

  3. Heather Gilbert says

    I am trying so hard to be a morning person but I lack the motivation. I have just enough energy to make me some coffee and get ready for work and class. If I add anything else I will be up starting at 5 a.m. so props to you! I loved reading this.

  4. Kristin Cook says

    I can really appreciate this post. Honestly, when I see the word “hygge”, I think of laziness. Not because that’s necessarily what it means, but because that has been my impression thus far. And since I already struggle with laziness, I have stayed away from Hygge posts. However, the way you described it makes a lot of sense and I can totally get on board with a hygge + faith morning routine!

  5. Rebecca rice says

    I love love love this post!!! I always feel so stressed out in the morning and constantly feel like I am wasting my time. I always try to do things like this before going to bed but am normally too tired to commit fully. Taking these steps in the morning truly set up the right mindset and start the day on the right faithful path!

  6. Zahra Biabani says

    Mornings are my absolute favorite. I totally love seeing the sunrise and being reminded of the renewal of the earth made possible by God. I would love to start incorporating more Hygee practices into my morning routine— especially using essential oils!

  7. Shelby Spear says

    We have very similar morning routines, Bailey! I loved reading this and envisioning so many of us across the world snuggled up in the a.m. with our robes, coffee, and Bible.

  8. Renee says

    This was great. I need to start my morning with the Bible again. I’m so angry because I can’t find mine. No idea how that happened. Thank you for your suggestions because I have been looking to purchase a new one. Looks like you have figured out the perfect way to start a day.

  9. Ally says

    What a beautiful post and pictures! I really want to get better about having a morning routine. My time with God usually happens around noon, but there is something sacred about the morning hours.

  10. Naomi says

    Starting the morning out with Jesus and beauty definitely helps set the tone for the day! Love your set up – especially the assortment of coffee mugs!

  11. Emily M Wood says

    Well….I’m am completely out of the loop because I had no clue what “hygge” meant! LOL Thank you for bringing me up to speed! I enjoyed reading about your mornings! Many of the things you mentioned are things I absolutely love.

  12. sigoni says

    I really really love this. I currently have a morning routine, but I need it to be more focused on self-care rather than waking up and immediately starting work. I have a candle next to my bed that is infused with essential oils. The smell of it just brightens my mood. I’ve never lit it in the morning, but this is such a great idea. Also, I agree with you about loving the morning. You described it perfectly when you talked about it being the stillness of the world. I think I should focus this time on reading on the porch with a nice blanket and a cup of coffee, just waiting for the sun to rise (because I get up pretty early). Thank you so much for these tips. I literally just came up with the perfect morning routine for it and I hope I can keep up with it!

  13. Stephanie says

    I absolutely love the warm coziness that you captured in your photos of your home. I never heard of hygge before and can’t wait to learn more about it! Thank you for sharing!

  14. The Barefoot Warrior says

    I’ve recently been introduced to the Hygge movement as well. I LOVE it! I feel like it really captures my ideal life. I’ve so enjoyed incorporating it’s warm, comforting atmosphere into my home, and I have to say, blogging about it has been so enjoyable for aw well! I love your morning Hygge routine!

  15. jess says

    It sounds like your mornings are so nice! I have recently been trying to get up early to hit the gym before work and I also enjoy watching the sun rise as the day begins! There is just something so calming about the promise of a new day.

  16. Yolanda says

    I am with you on this! I absolutely love getting up first thing in the morning while everyone is asleep. It’s my me time, along with a good cuppa tea 🙂

  17. Sue says

    I think our dogs would be friends- always a head on my lap/ Bible in the quiet of the morning. Thank you for a glimpse into how you start your day, Bailey.

  18. Crystal // Dreams, etc. says

    I love everything about this! One of my goals for 2018 is to work on a morning routine, Your mornings sound like such a great start to the day! One thing I’ve wanted to do is diffuse the Joy oil blend from Young Living. It’s such a nice, uplifting blend and I think it would be a great way to start the day.

  19. Rebekah says

    I can’t wait to get back into a routine again!! With a newborn early morning wakeups happen all the time, but not for quiet time, haha! Those coffee mugs are beautiful!

  20. Courtney says

    The pictures on your post are beautiful, I also love Bible journaling! It’s my creative outlet that has so much purpose and helps me learn Scripture! Love your morning routine!

  21. Sara says

    I love this and I love have links to several prayers and bible studies I already started saving them! Thank you so much for this beautiful post?

  22. Myriah Sochurek says

    This post is so lovely and inviting! I too love my morning time with the Lord in His word!! I love coffee and mugs, but I have a favorite that I end up using everyday! I want to get a journaling Bible, they are so cool!!

  23. Tabbie says

    I’ve been working on creating a Morning routine. When I stick to it, the day really is so much better. I do loveeeee sleep though!

  24. Marya says

    I do something similar. Unfortunately I’ve had to put my beloved coffee aside because of a health issue. Trying to learn to enjoy tea!

  25. Tracy says

    I love this! Its so important to set in place a good morning routine. I am always striving for that, but unfortunately I suck at mornings 🙁

  26. Brandi Michel | says

    I love this post because I love what I call my “quiet time!” I spend my time drinking my coffee, reading my devotional, and enjoying the quiet before I start my work. This time (no matter what it looks like) is so important for moms! We each desperately need a daily rest and refreshing. This way we can be filled up so we can be poured out!

  27. peggymedberry says

    Hi! I have enjoyed looking around your blog! Such lovely writing. Its a warm and inviting place! Really good work!

  28. lws1996 says

    I also really love the hygge lifestyle, and I have been trying to cultivate it in my own life as well. In the mornings I typically enjoy making myself a cup of coffee snuggling up with a blanket and reading a chapter out of my Bible. Thank you, for sharing your hygge morning routine! I love knowing what other people are experiencing in their every day lives.

  29. Jessica Lynn says

    Your morning sounds so restful and the perfect way to start a day. I also love looking for what mug I’ll have for that day; I find that it sets my mood before I even do anything else. The practice of hygge is something I’m liking more and more the more i hear about it.

  30. Lisa says

    What a wonderful way to start your morning and really set the tone for your day! I love how intentional you were with the little things – the coffee mug, the scent, etc. And I totally agree with writing down goals with a pen and paper – so much more powerful for me than just typing them out or thinking about them.

  31. Hayley says

    This is lovely. My children are still small, and though I know I would feel better if I got up early before them and had some routine I still find myself being woken early and rushing around in a scramble (with my Bible being left dusty)! You’ve inspired me to give it a better go though!

  32. Sarah Jean says

    Your mornings are so peaceful. I love it. I get up at 6am every day (if my baby doesn’t wake up before) to pump and do my devotions. It definitely helps set the tone of my day but I often feel rushes once she’s up to feed her and make myself breakfast. I need to figure out how to bring more hygge into my morning!