10 Christian Books That Need to Be On Your Radar

Despite the craziness of this season in my life, I jumped on the opportunity to spend last weekend at the Festival of Faith and Writing. It was my first time gathering with other Christian writers. Never before had I been afforded the chance to gather with believers from all different walks and backgrounds, united in their love of Jesus and writing. 

It was invigorating. 

I went with every intention of keeping a close watch on my checkbook but at each new publisher’s book and with each new speaker, that grip loosened a little bit more. 

Much to my chagrin, I left with significantly few books than I wish I had and significantly more than my husband wishes I had. (This is a balance we are always trying to strike in our marriage; my husband says there is not enough space on the bookshelves and I remind him that we can easily build a small library in the backyard if needed.)

My biggest takeaway was not the stack of books I came home with (although that is a measure indeed) but the stack of books that are now on my list and the oodles of writers I’m now following on Twitter. 

I wanted to share with you the 5 books I came home with, 5 books I want to add to my shelf, and 5 Christian writers you need to be following on Twitter. Click To Tweet

Instead of hoarding these Christian book discoveries for myself, I wanted to share with you the 5 books I came home with, 5 books I want to add to my shelf, and 5 Christian writers you need to be following on Twitter. (Note: This post does contain affiliate links.)

5 Books I Came Home With

1. The Year of Small Things 

This book was on my list almost as soon as I walked into the exhibit hall so I was especially excited to see that a limited number of copies was being given away at the authors’ panel discussion. When I realized that both of the author’s also live in my neck of the woods, I was delighted. 

The Year of Small Things covers two family’s commitment to living radically in line with their faith. This examines what it looks like to live intentionally caring for their family, the community around them, and Creation with the love and strength that the Holy Spirit equips us with. Specifically, I am intrigued by their commitment to opening their home to those in need. 

2. Moments & Days

This book combines two of my favorite things, the Holy Feasts and Festivals ordained by God in the Old Testament and the Church Calendar. Often, this is seen as an either/or issue so it is encouraging to see someone seeing the value in both. I am eager to read this book and incorporate a depper understanding of these relationship between the Old and New Testament celebrations in my life. 

3. A Good Year

This was the first book that caught my eye at the festival. While I normally feel on the outskirts being a Protestant who cherishes the Liturgical seasons, I knew as soon as I saw this book that I was among friends. 

This book features reflections from several bishops on the seasons of the Church Calendar and is one I anticipate returning to again and again through the years. 

4. Practices of Love

This book explores how spiritual disciplines help shape, not only our relationship with God, but our relationships with one another. 

I had the privilege of hearing Kyle Bennett on a panel discussion and was so moved by his commitment to honoring the relationships God has placed in his life and living out his call to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Plus, James K.A. Smith (the author of You Are What You Love) did the forward so I know it will be excellent. 

5. Introducing Eastern Orthodoxy 

This book caught my eye because Orthodoxy is one of the traditions I am least familiar with but it also intrigues me greatly. I can’t wait to learn more about their theology and to understand their faith more fully. 

5 Books I Want to Add to My Shelf

1. A Place to Land

As a military spouse, I wondered if I would have a “home.” This book addresses the problem of feeling like you have a foot in multiple worlds and wondering if you ever will have a place that is your home. 

Kate Motaung led a group discussion memoirs that I was able to be apart of and I was blown away by her humility and wisdom. I am so excited to read this book (and am equally excited that she had landed in Michigan for the time being!).  

2. Vintage Saints and Sinners

This book explores the stories of 25 believers who walked very different paths and lived out their faith in very different ways. I love learning about the ways that Christ has called such a wise variety of people to live out the call to take up our cross and follow Him. The stories of these saints always inspire me and challenge me to live out my calling where God has placed me. 

3. Mystics and Misfits 

This gem has just been released and is instantly at the top of my to read list! This story explores the stories of unlikely saints and Christian mystics of old. Between the exploration of the saints and Christiana Peterson’s own community, I am intrigued! 


4. A Beautiful Disaster 

Marlena Graves was one of my favorite discoveries at the conference. This book on the goodness of God in seasons where we feel abandoned seems to capture the vision I had for The Thin Place at its conception. I cannot wait to read it.

5. Light When It Comes

This book focuses on facing Darkness and keeping hope through the practice of examen. I am so excited to learn more about how Chris Anderson had used this practice to remember the goodness of God, the Light of the World, in the midst of darkness.


Bonus: Here are 5 writers to follow on Twitter! 

I hope that this brief overview of what I took in last week at the Festival of Faith and Writing gives you a bit to chew on. I am still slowly trying to process everything I took in and what it means for my future and the future of The Thin Place. One thing I do know, God has big plans in store for us all. What that looks like exactly? We’ll just have to wait and see.

I'd love to know what's inspired you lately. What have you read? Who have you been listening to? What are you dying to hear more about? Share below! Click To Tweet

I’d love to know what’s inspired you lately. What have you read? Who have you been listening to? What are you dying to hear more about? Share below!


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  1. candy says

    I enjoy how you didn’t stick to one topic but branched out into several areas to read and enjoy. Both of us love to read so having a library in the backyard isn’t a bad idea.

  2. Jennifer says

    Funny I should read your blog today, as I am currently writing a post on decluttering my bookshelf. LOL I just wrote down 4 of these titles that I must have…so I guess that should be even more motivation to declutter my current collection! 🙂 Thanks for a look at these books, as just the description speaks to my heart.

  3. Kristin says

    I actually haven’t heard of any of these books (or authors), but I am glad you have some new content to comb through. Eastern Orthodoxy is definitely interesting. I can’t say that I agree with it, but I think it is really good to try to understand each other!

  4. Carri says

    I’m always on the lookout for great Christian book recommendations! I’m especially intrigued by the book “The Year of Small Things “. Thanks for these recommendations!

  5. Brani michel says

    These are great book recommendations. I have a long list of great books I’m planning to read this year. I’m going to be adding Practices of Love to my list. Sounds like a great read. Thanks!

  6. StepHanie says

    Wow! What s great lust! Where’s the
    Hmmm… Can’t help wondering where the Bible fits on this list. Perhaps at the top??

    • Bailey says

      Hi Stephanie, Of course the Bible is at the very top of my list but I was hoping that this post would help point others to Christian writers I’ve only recently discovered who they also might not find on the average bookshelf (but who have lots of wisdom to offer!). Hopefully all Christians know and read their Bibles and I have lots of other posts about how I incorporate that into my life and the versions I personally prefer. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Andrea says

    I’m adding these to my reading list. I can’t wait to read these books, they all sound so enriching. My bookshelves also “runneth over”. Thank you for sharing this list!

  8. Kate Motaung says

    Thanks so much for adding A Place to Land to your list, and for mentioning my Twitter profile! Grateful for the opportunity to meet you, and for your support!