How I Became A Christian Blogger (And How You Can Too!)

How I Became a Christian Blogger and how you can too

It took me months of hiding up in my room, typing into a blank sheet, pouring my heart out before the Father before I felt the call to blog.

I have been in a rough place. Life wasn’t exactly leading me down the smooth, painless road I had always envisioned. I was battling infertility, chronic pain, and depression. I was living in paradise in the middle of the Hawaiian island but military life regularly took my husband away and I felt empty. I wondered where God was and if He’d forgotten me.

But He met me there. One of the ways He regularly did that was through the work of other bloggers. Their words echoed my heart and showed me that I was not alone and not forgotten by God. It was their words, and God’s call, that made me leave that little private document and start sharing publically. Because I knew that if I could reach one person the way other blogs had reached me, if I could point them to God and inspire their faith, it was worth it.

But God had bigger dreams for The Thin Place than I had for myself. And it’s grown.

And with that growth, I’ve felt the call to equip others with their story. Because our God is big enough that His story weaves through each of our lives, telling the tale of His grace and mercy.

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And there’s enough space in the Christian blogger world for your story too.

Whether you have a blog you’ve been working on for awhile now or you have just felt a tingling in your heart to start sharing your story, your hobby, your little piece of the character of God reflect in your life with the world.

I love blogging and feel so fortunate to do what I do, connecting with this community, sharing what I’m passionate about, and even earning an income doing so.

But that doesn’t make blogging easy — in fact, sometimes it’s downright hard.

Even when you have big dreams and trust in God, you can feel frustrated, confused, or stuck at times, trying to figure out how to grow your blog, get more traffic, overcome hurdles, find smart strategies, and earn more money.

Truthfully, one of the best ways I know to steward my gift and my story is by learning to blog well from other brilliant bloggers who have gone before me.

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  1. It is such a blessing to know the Lord as our Savior, and I love the support of the blogging community. I have heard a lot about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit in newsletters today! It’s being promoted for sure!

    • Isn’t it a great community? I was so hesitant to jump on the GBT train but was amazed at how many people LOVE it. They definitely did not lead me astray.n

  2. I love how God can meet us anywhere at any time. I am relatively new to blogging and I love reading stories of how people have succeeded. Gives me hope that I can to!

    • Julie, If you’re new, definitely check out the bundle. It is one of the greatest deals I’ve ever seen. So much information.

  3. That’s one of my favorite things about our God – He meets us right where we are, no matter what’s going on. He knows exactly what we need. And it’s so refreshing to have great Christian bloggers like you out there!

  4. My first blog was a Christian blog too but now I made a new one and just added a category for my faith.

    • That’s awesome! You should totally check out the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for your new blog. It’s been an amazing help to me.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story and being so vulnerable. I always balk at finishing my faith based posts because I feel such a great responsibility to “get it right.” I like your reminder to lean into Him.

  6. Yeah its a blessing to be a Christian blogger to share gospel even from even in the midst of mundane activities

  7. I love informative posts like this! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!! Very sweet and helpful! ❤

  8. I’m just starting out on my blogging journey, and even though I can’t buy the bundle right now; I love your writing style! I’m a former Marine wife, and the loneliness you described really resonated with me. I also love the way you write with God’s grace without sounding preachy; can’t wait to read more!