3 Christian Books I’m Reading This Summer

Summer reading is a favorite pastime for many. For me, it’s been a quite eclectic bundle this summer. I had a few books sent to me to review, representing several different types. 

While the following post contains reviews on books that I received in echange for a review, you can have confidence that all opinions expressed are my own. I want to share exactly what I thought of each one of these books so that you might find a helpful book for your summer.

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10 Minutes in the Psalms

The book of Psalms has been the poetry of my life for the last few years. Because of that, I was naturally drawn to this book. 10 Minutes in the Psalms is a short, 46-day devotional that leads you through the entire book of Psalms. The premise is that it’s about 10 minutes of reading and then a short devotional based on the passage read. 

I appreciated the insightful, scripturally-rooted nature of this book. Often, devotionals tend to be nice platitudes inspired by a single verse or passage. This book avoids that entirely. The bulk of your reading is not the author, but Scripture. Then, the author provides some practical implications for your life from that passage. The emphasis is not “look at what I have to say” but look at what God has said. It is a charming composition that makes reading through a book of the Bible approachable and simple.

It was informative and clearly well-researched. I learned new information about the individual psalmists and felt the humanity in the psalms like never before. This book is simple enough for new believers but yet, appeals to all levels and would be appropriate for even a seasoned believer. I highly recommend this book as a great introduction to encourage the habit of daily Bible reading. 

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Pushing Into Joy by Hannah Grimley

Hannah Grimley’s writing is real and authentic. This book is a brave tribute to how God called her to push into joy during one of the most desperate, broken seasons of her life. 

Pushing into Joy is a 27 day devotional, designed to be visited again and again. There are journaling areas for you to leave several responses, as you journey through joy in different parts of life. 

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While the book left me wanting more Scripture to truly consider it a devotional, it was a very encouraging read that felt like a conversation with a friend. Grimley went through 27 different reasons we might feel like joy is impossible and how we can find joy in even the most trying circumstances. 

While reading this book, I kept feeling like it would be the perfect book for someone struggling through anxiety. Especially for someone new to the faith or someone outside of the faith, this would be a great introduction to the Christian concept of joy in the midst of sorrow. 

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Walking Through Infertility: Biblical, Theological, and Moral Counsel for Those Who Are Struggling by Matthew Arbo

I struggle with books on infertility because, as a whole, many of them are very personalized memoirs. While those can be helpful (and I’ve enjoyed several of them) I have been looking for a book that I can hand to others to help them delve into the theological and moral implications that any couple facing the trial of infertility must wrestle with. This book meets that goal. 

Matthew Arbo addresses infertility from a Biblical point of view, looking at what couples experiencing infertility go through, how the Church can help, and the moral implications of artificial reproductive technologies. 

3 Christian Books I’m Reading This Summer
 #reading #christian #christianbooks #summerreading #joy #infertility #deovtionals
3 Christian Books I’m Reading This Summer
 #reading #christian #christianbooks #summerreading #joy #infertility #deovtionals
3 Christian Books I’m Reading This Summer
 #reading #christian #christianbooks #summerreading #joy #infertility #deovtionals
3 Christian Books I’m Reading This Summer
 #reading #christian #christianbooks #summerreading #joy #infertility #deovtionals

3 Christian Books I’m Reading This Summer
 #reading #christian #christianbooks #summerreading #joy #infertility #deovtionals

This book was a very thorough, technical, scripture-filled overview. Yet, it was compelling in nature and drew me in instantly. I quickly flipped through it, eager for more. 

My only hesitation is whole-heartedly recommending this book is the last chapter on the moral implications of artificial reproductive technologies. I greatly appreciate the high regard that Arbo gave to life, even in its earliest stages, but I felt that he was slightly too intense in that manner in which he addressed in-vitro fertilization. Even with that intensity, I still feel like the points he raised are important for any couple going through infertility to consider. 

Pre-order your copy here now!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to preview these books. It’s important that, during this summertime, we’re taking time to consider what would help grow and stretch us to take out faith deeper this year. Click To Tweet

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to preview these books. It’s important that, during this summertime, we’re taking time to consider what would help grow and stretch us to take out faith deeper this year. 

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  1. Heather @ A Heart of Humility says

    Bailey! I love that you chose to share these devotionals! I, too, have loved delving into the Psalms and summer is a beautiful time to get lost in a good book! I recently shared a couple of my summer picks for the summer as well! Great minds think alike!! ? I hope you have a beautiful summer season girl! Thoroughly enjoy your blog! Thank you for sharing great resources!

  2. Cayla says

    Great post and awesome pictures. All sound great, but I would love to read Pushing Into Joy this Summer. There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book. What has been your all-time favorite Christian book so far?

    • Bailey says

      Cayla, Today is the last day that Pushing Into Joy is available for pre-order! Definitely check it out.

      Ahh! It’s so hard to choose just one favorite but Tim Keller’s Meaning of Marriage was incredibly powerful and practical. I also love CS Lewis’s Mere Christianity. It opened my eyes to so many new truths. If you like fiction, Les Miserables isn’t necessarily a “Christian book” but shows so many Christian principles in action. It really changed my heart towards those in trying circumstances and how I as a believer need to minister to them.

  3. Jordan says

    This is so helpful! I’m planning to try out 10 Minutes in the Psalms – that one sounds like one I would really enjoy. Thank you so much for taking the time to give such thoughtful and thorough reviews!

  4. Tiff|SpectrumSenseForMoms says

    Those sound like great reads! I have already been reading through the Psalms (one of my favorite books!), but would definitely enjoy that devotional. Walking Through Infertility sounds intriguing too – I was struggling to find Biblical perspective during that battle. Thanks for sharing!

    • Bailey says

      Tiff, I highly recommend the infertility one. Even if you’re not in the midst of it currently, it would equip you to walk with others.

  5. kage2015 says

    All of these sound like they would be wonderful to read and enjoy. Psalms can be hard for some people so that one would be very interesting to read.

  6. Rose Barnett says

    Love summer reads. Love your photos. I was thinking about the push into joy book until I found that it was a devotional. For whatever reason those never work for me

    • Bailey says

      Rose, It is a cross between a devotional and a memoir with parts for personal application. If it’s a topic that interests you, I would definitely give it a shot!

  7. Dianna says

    The Psalms are so beautiful and that devotional sounds like a wonderful way to walk through them…even better on a beach! Great pics and summaries. thanks!

  8. Beth says

    The book on infertility sounds interesting. I am not sure I have read anything on that. It is a topic for women’s minstry that I would like to explore a bit more.