4 Ways We Strengthen Our Marriage (+A Date Night In Box Review)

Marriage is a complicated venture. Weddings are a complicated event, but marriage brings a complicated lifetime. Marriage isn’t the Instagram picture, it’s the moments again and again when we quietly, humbly forge a friendship that will last through the hard times. 

My husband and I have been together for 7 years. We’ve had seasons when we were walking on clouds, stomach fluttering with butterflies. We’ve also had seasons when the burdens feel like more than you can carry and we’ve wondered why we ever made that walk down the aisle. But we keep walking together. 

As Christians, we know that God values marriages. One of the greatest ways we can live out our commitment to marriage is by working to strengthen our own marriage.

As Christians, we know that God values marriages. One of the greatest ways we can live out our commitment to marriage is by working to strengthen our own marriage. #marriage #christianmarriage Read my tips here: Click To Tweet

Through the highs and lows, Hubby and I have found a few ways to strengthen our marriage:

Read the Bible Together

This habit took a while for us to develop this habit and, what it came down to, we needed a plan. Now, we start our mornings with coffee, prayer, and time in the Word together. We read through a book of the Bible, a chapter or two a morning, at a time. Sometimes, we discuss the passage, at other times, we just quickly read through it and pray. No matter what, time in Scripture helps make sure we’re on the same page and helps provide other talking points. 

Practice Hospitality 

Welcoming others into our home has encouraged us to work as a team to create a place of belonging for others. It helps us share our lives with others and work towards a common goal of sharing the love of God through everyday relationships. It also incorporates our love of good food.

Engage in Hard Conversations

Early on in our relationship, Hubby set a precedent for never sweeping problems under the rug but always engaging with them. Instead of putting things on the back burner, we ask hard questions and give hard answers. We press into difficult situations and show through our willingness to engage that we will see the issue through. We talk about doubts, concerns, and worst fears. When marriage seems difficult, we say so and talk through how we can make it better, even if we’re not sure what that means. 

Have Intentional Date Nights

When we first got married, it was easy to get into a date night rut. Dinner at our favorite Korean BBQ place and then, if we were feeling wild, we’d catch the latest Marvel movie. While this was nice, it didn’t grow us or give us new memories to cherish. It is crucial that we made dates that allowed for new memories and important conversations. 

We started getting more creative with date nights by trying new places and introducing new experiences. Dates that allow for opportunities to talk while doing an activity are our favorites. We began hiking, going on scenic drives, and trying to spark bucket list conversations. 

Dates that allow for opportunities to talk while doing an activity are our favorites. Read about our #DateNightInBox experience here: Click To Tweet

Note: I received a Date Night In Box in exchange for this review. Links below may be affiliate links. 

Night In Boxes

Recently, we were able to enjoy a Date Night In Box. Our box was a Hawaiian date loved it. I was a little hesitant because, at first glance, I was worried it would be cheesy. 

I was totally wrong.

The games were fun and brought out our competitive natures (not to brag but I definitely won the majority of our three-round Hawaiian checkers tournament). The playlist was well-crafted and set a wonderful atmosphere. The Hawaiian themed box caused us to reminisce about our time in Hawaii together and discuss the things we miss about island life (namely, the sweet onion kettle chips that we can’t find anywhere in Michigan that came with our box). 



But it wasn’t just fun, it was intentional.

The games were carefully designed to not only spark some silly memories but to encourage us to open up to one another. We were reminded, and share with each other, some of the earliest memories we had of knowing we’d found “the one.” We dreamed about the year to come and set goals for our future. The evening we spent nurtured our relationship and we totally set some of the games aside to play in the future.

Date Night In sends a box each month, full of activities, ideas, and supplies for an amazing date night at home at a price cheaper than most dinners out. 

But it doesn’t just strengthen your marriage. 

The company was founded by Christians who want to encourage couples to build up their marriage deeply in the Lord. 

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. – Psalm 127:1, ESV

They have added a faith option for couples who want to use their date night as a starting point to provide deeper discussion about how their faith is reflected in their lives and in their marriage. It’s a way to draw you closer together and closer to God. 

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Having Date Night In boxes arrive at your doorstep each month is a simple way to ensure that you’re getting at least one intentional, conversation-sparking and memory-making date a month with your spouse. 

Grab your Date Night in Box here. 

Love your spouse. Intentionally today. Marriage doesn’t happen by accident, but through years of hard work and dedication. Be the one today to seek out conversations and opportunities to build up a strong marriage that shows the world the love and commitment that Christ has for His Bride, the Church. 

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  1. Cayla says

    This is a great post and is exactly what I needed this morning. I love the Date night in box and look forward to checking it out. Reading the bible together is definitely so important and something we need to work on.

    • Bailey says

      I helps to incorporate a more regular Bible reading if you lower your expectations. Just read something.

  2. Maegan says

    Most our dates are nights-in, so this looks like an amazing box! I love your marriage tips also. Reading the scriptures together really helps strengthen my marriage too.

    • Bailey says

      Maegan, You’ll have to check them out and let me know what you think. We loved ours and can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Jennifer Love says

    That’s a great point that we need to intentionally plan our dates that they can foster more communication and depth, not just doing a routine or merely entertaining ourselves. Did you pick that theme intentionally for the date box? If it was random, that’s too perfect!

    • Bailey says

      It was random but totally perfect! They change up the theme each much and it just “happened” to be Hawaiian this month.

  4. katiedeckert says

    love these points!! Such a great list! You make these date nights sound so fun! and LOVE that you included hospitality…. not something often on lists like this but so true!!! <3

  5. Mary Leigh @ Live Well Play Together says

    We got this Date Box, too! it’s our first one, and I’m excited to try it out! I really think it’s a great way to invest in your marriage! These are really excellent tips!

  6. journeyatsahm says

    I love this idea. It can be so tough to dedicate date nights after you have kids. I have seen these boxes before, but never looked into them too much. They sound great!

    • Bailey says

      They are an excellent option for couples with kids! Such an easy way to bring some fun to a post-bedtime date night. They’re very reasonably priced too.

  7. Lanell says

    Date night is a great concept. I also think any activity that puts to people together, doing something with only you two, without electronics, can be a great night.

  8. Lisa says

    Thy sounds like a fun date night! I love how your ideas were practical and most are easy to implement on any budget. Thank you for sharing.

    • Bailey says

      It was such a blast. The NightIn boxes are so affordable too. They made it so easy to connect and focus on each other.


    I’ve never heard of the date-night-in box, but after your review, it sounds like something I would enjoy trying with my husband. As a SAHM of a 1 year old and 2 year old, date nights are a must for strengthening our marriage.

    • Bailey says

      The NightIn boxes are wonderful! This would be such a great way to take the stress out of date night so that you can just focus on each other once the little ones are in bed.

    • Bailey says

      It would be a wonderful wedding gift! I think it would also be great for a couple with little ones (maybe a baby sprinkle gift?) to help them make date night easier.

  10. Natashia O. says

    My husband and I have been together for 22 years and married for 15. We too have had our share of ups and downs! There were days when we didn’t want to be around each other and there were days we couldn’t stay away from each other. We both entered into marriage knowing that we would have mountains to climb. When we began having children, we had a conversation and made an effort to not become that married couple who lose sight of each other because we spend so much time focusing on our children. We also make an effort to talk – ALL. THE. TIME. The power of communication takes away misunderstanding, frustration, and “I thought…”. Your article is perfect for newlyweds and longevity married couples.

    • Bailey says

      That’s so wonderful! Thank you for the encouragement to those who are not as far down the marriage road.

  11. Nicole Kauffman says

    These are great! Definitely need to start working on some of these ideas 🙂 Thanks for sharing the review!

  12. Jalisa Harris says

    My husband and I always try and aim for date night biweekly or whenever we can get a sitter. It’s definitely important to be more than just a mom.

  13. GiveItAWhirlGirl says

    I agree about that part about hard questions and deep conversations. I am really in need of one of those talks right now. Really doubting myself and just feeling down in the dumps and in a big rut. I need my hubby to get me out of this.