I’m #Blessed When I’m A Peacemaker, But What Does That Mean?

Peace like a river. That was the song I sang as a child.

I’ve got peace like a river

I’ve got peace like a river

I’ve got peace like a river in my soul. 

Deep in my soul, I wanted this peace.

Peace has been an ever-moving target at many points in my life. But I don’t just want to feel the peace, down in my soul, I want to be a peace-giver, a peacemaker.

And as believers, this is what God has called you and I to do.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Matthew 5:9, ESV

In a world of shouting, in a world of proving rightness and superiority, what would it look like if we stepped out as peacemakers?

Instead of making sure all men knew we were right, what if we made sure everything was right between us and all men?

What if we were dedicated to not just living rooted in the Prince of Peace, but to truly being peacemakers, we need be willing to sacrifice ourselves to the same, hard peacemaking road that Christ exemplified.

Because peace, it doesn’t look like flowery conversations, but like a bloody cross. Wrongdoings don’t disappear simply because we wish they would – they are absorbed.

Because peace, it doesn’t look like a flowery conversations, but like a bloody cross. Wrongdoings don’t disappear simply because we wish they would - they are absorbed. Click To Tweet

On the Cross, Christ did not simply ignore or gloss over our sin, He engaged with it in the most personally painful way possible. Instead of showing us our error and His superiority as a way of shutting us up, He showed us our error and His perfect holiness then offering up His holiness on our behalf to restore our relationship with Him.

That is the hard work of peacemaking. Peacemaking is caring more about making right than being right, even, or perhaps most of all, when it hurts us.

Being a peacemaker means we are really to actually engage with the problem.

True peacemakers don’t seek artificial peace, but engage with genuine problems. We need to confront sin and seek to restore broken relationships. Instead of doing this out of selfish desire, we need to humbly seek to restore truly, Biblical relationships. Biblical relationships that are modeled after Christ are relationships that seek to serve, rather than to be served.

Peacemakers do not ignore problems by pretending they aren’t there, but by acknowledging them and seeking to forgive and reconcile.

Peacemakers sacrifice themselves for true peace. 

Like Christ, true peacemakers embrace the wounds they carry rather then inflict them on others. Instead of harboring resentment or inflicting revenge, they bear the pain of the problem so that the cycle ends and relationships can be mended.

If we want to be a people marked by peace, we need to be a people who center their lives around the Prince of Peace and then live in the same manner in which He did – through personal sacrifice.

The peacemakers are the ones who are willing to give up personal comfort for relational healing.

How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness

How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness How to be a peacemaker #blessings #devotional #peace #relationships #forgiveness

Can we be those people? Instead of seeking to assert our rights, can we fight for wholeness? 

Can we love by giving up what we are owed for the sake of another? Can we, not overlook wrongs because they are insignificant, but acknowledge them, choose forgiveness, and move on because those around us are worth it?

Peace like a river, peace that flows through our soul, comes only from Christ. We experience peace because of His work on the cross, the work that restores our relationship with Him. This peace flows out of us when we follow in His steps and extend peace to those around us.

So let’s be people marked by peace.

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  1. Em Rae says

    Hey! Really great post. I would have to agree that being a peaceMAKER and having peace flow out from within is a definite hope and goal of mine (and probably of most women!). It’s a little tough when things seem so hectic. When you’re trying to trust the Lord to make your marriage something that brings him glory, or trying to be that mom who’s kids learn to follow the Lord in their own relationship with him without losing your cool when you trip on a toy or they won’t go to bed when you tell them to! 🙂 But, like you said, these circumstances are real life. God is faithful to finish what he started and he has goodworks laid out for us to complete! So thank you for a post that reminded me to trust him for that and to walk peaceabley in his presense, transcending circumstance and putting others first.

    Have a great day!
    In Christ,

  2. Diane@worthbeyondrubies says

    This was such a great post Bailey! I love what you said about not seeking an artificial peace but engaging in genuine problems. Far too often we want to just make everyone happy by not confronting issues..or avoiding conflict! Jesus never stepped away from truth to appease anyone. Loved this!!

  3. ArynTheLibraryan says

    Peace like a river. One of my favorite songs. I still sing it fairly often. Sometimes I picture a gentle stream and other times it’s a river of rapids and waterfalls…

    God says blessed are the peacemakers. That implies action. It’s not easy but so worth it!

    • Bailey says

      Not easy, but completely worth it. May we all be sons and daughters of God who give His peace to the world around us.

  4. Nicole Kauffman says

    Love that you offer a true definition here. Peace doesn’t mean ignoring or avoiding problems. POWERFUL truth!

  5. Vanessa says

    This was a very convicting post! I tend to shy away from confrontation but as a result, I let bitterness and resentment take over which eventually turns into anger! I need to pray for the Lord to work on that part of me so I can be a peaceMAKER as well.

  6. meganjohnson86 says

    I love to be reminded of sweet things like this! Thank you for sharing! I am for sure the peachmaker in my family. It can sometimes be a lot!