41+ Delightful Gifts for Christian Women (A.K.A. – My Christmas List)

I was hestiant to share a gift guide this year because Christmas is about so much more than what is under the tree. However, I also love celebrating the greatest gift of all by sharing gifts with those around me. And since we all are likely giving and receiving gifts this Christmas, I wanted to share with you a few items that I came across this year and would love to see under my tree that would be a perfect addition to your list or for the Christian woman in your life.

Last year, my tree sheltered quite a considerably large pile of books nestled underneath it. This year, there are again many books at the top of my list but there are also a few hygge surprises, hospitality tools, and some new faith growing finds I wanted to share with you. 

Here are 41+ Gifts for Christian Women

Note: This post does contain affiliate links which means that I may receive, at no additional cost to you, a small percentage of sale made through the links below. See my sidebar for my full disclosure. 

Bibles on My Christmas List: 

This might seem a little odd, but I love using different types of Bibles! While I primarily work out of my journaling Bible, I also love my study Bible and readers Bibles. Here are a few more I’d love to add to my collection:



Hospitality Finds on My Christmas List: 

I am a huge propnent of simple, easy hospitality. My go-to is to offer guests popcorn (an easy snack) and/or tea. However, when I am feeling particularly domestic, I also enjoy making freash bread (although not currently with the ease of a breadmaker). Also below are a few of my favorite games to play when hosting. 

Hygge Finds on My Christmas List: 

You guys know how much I love hygge. Here are some practical (and some totally impractical) hygge items on my Christmas list. While these are completely superfluous, they are all lovely and bring a smile to my face. As you can see, several items involve warmth because, while my heart is so excited to be back in Michigan among family, my body still misses the warm Hawaiian weather. 


Books on My Christmas List: 

You all knew this part would come eventually! Here are the books on my Christmas list (and a few old favorites to add to yours!):




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I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year! If you haven’t already, check out my free Advent Prayer Guide, Prepare Him Room – my Christmas gift to you!

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  1. April Nelson says

    I have the “She Reads Truth” Bible on my wish list 🙂 I just got a new nlt study Bible for my birthday and very much enjoying it! There’s a few things on this list that I’m glad you shared, gave me some more ideas for family members, thanks for putting this list together!

    • Bailey says

      The She Reads Truth Bible looks like such a great one! I’m really hoping it finds its way under my tree. Glad it gave you some new ideas!

  2. Malinda says

    We share some similar books on our wish lists! Also, THAT PINK FURRY BLANKET IS AMAZING! I have been looking for a new throw blanket for my living room for a couple seasons (seriously) and nothing has ever been quite right…until now! Wahoo!