The Bible in Lent Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so excited about each and every one of you who has downloaded The Bible in Lent free Bible reading plan and are gearing up to read the whole of Scripture in the 40 days of Lent! 

I’ve gotten a few questions and decided to summarize them here:

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Practically, what will The Bible in Lent look like? 

  1. You can download a guide in the resource library that will tell you exactly what to read each day. Each day includes a portion of the Psalms and about 30 chapters of non-Psalm reading
  2. After the reading, you can read a short, commentary/reflection post on each day’s reading (Obviously, this is purely supplemental and not meant to replace reading the Scripture)

How much of a time commitment will The Bible in Lent be each day?

It will differ based on how quickly you read, but I would estimate 2 hours of Scripture reading each day of Lent. 

Crossway has an excellent article on how long it takes the average person to read the different books of the Bible/the whole Bible in different periods of time which is a great gauge. 

How in the world can I fit in 2 hours of Bible reading each day? 

We’re all going to have to get creative but I know personally from my phone’s lovely little “Screen Time” recap that I spend an average of 1.5-3 hours a day on social media apps. If I simply took the time I’ve miraculously found to scroll Twitter or watch my latest Netflix favorite (I’m looking at you, Repair Shop), I probably could quite easily incorporate in 2 hours of Scripture reading. 

A few other ideas: 

  • Wake up earlier: This isn’t always feasible but for 40 days, consider setting the alarm earlier than normal and spending that extra time in the Word. 
  • Break it up throughout the day: For me, my plan is to get up a little earlier and take an hour in the morning to read and then to finish up in the evenings before bed. For others, breaking up morning, noon, and evening reading might be easiest. 
  • Use an audio Bible: I will probably do a combination of physical reading and listening to an audio Bible on my daily walks. An audio Bible can be an excellent way to “read” while you’re driving, making dinner, going for a walk, or folding laundry. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that listening to Scripture doesn’t “count.”
  • Invite others to join you: It’s easier to incorporate something new into your home if it’s a group activity. Invite those around you or even an accountability partner to do it with you. At the very least, tell someone else what you’re doing. 

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Why are there 72 books? I thought the Bible had 66 books? 

For most of Christian history, the Bible has been composed of 72 books. There was debate among early Protestant Reformers on which books of the Bible were truly Scripture and they settled on the 66 books recognized in the Protestant canon. You don’t have to read all 72 books to join (although I would encourage you to read them anyway as most Protestants still recognize them as beneficial, if not Divinely-inspired). 

Why doesn’t the plan have reading for Sundays? 

That’s an excellent question! Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. You can use Sundays to focus on your typical forms of worship or to catch up on any reading you’ve missed during the week. 

I’m so excited to read through the Bible in Lent with you this year! If you’d like to download the free Bible reading plan, sign-up for access to the Resource Library below! 

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